Ch. Halirock’s Vermonster (WG293550)

Monty was born 03/14/89 and bred by Joan Foster at Halirock’s kennel in Vermont.  He was one of the sweetest beings I’ve ever known. Joan aptly named him for the stickiest, gooiest, sweetest Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Sunday - the Vermonster! 

When we visited Halirock’s kennel, we actually went to look at Monty’s brother, Questar. But then we saw Monty and it was love at first sight. He had been outside playing in the mud (shocking!) and I would have never seen him but for Joan’s grandson unlocking the dog door. Monty came bounding in the house with those four muddy paws, tail wagging (he had a ‘table clearing tail!) and a huge grin on his face. We knew then that, no matter what it took, he would go home with us! And, indeed, he did go home with us that very day. We are forever grateful to Joan for allowing us to know this wonderful being!

Monty had been a ‘professional man’ before we brought him home and had already sired several nice litters. He had never, alas, been a full time house dog and, therefore, was not ‘potty trained’. The first thing he did when he walked into our house was – well, you know   I took him to my (then) vet the very next day for a check-up and she told me that I would probably never be able to house train a three year old stud dog.  Even if he got the idea of ‘house training’, the vet said, he would always want to 'mark his territory' unless he was neutered. Well, guess what! She was WRONG! Within a week, Monty was fully and reliably house trained. (This should be good news for folks thinking about an adult rescue Newf, rather than a puppy, but are concerned that older dogs won’t adapt to a new environment.)

From day one in our household, Monty charmed everyone with his sensitivity, kindness and cheerful demeanor. He was one of the best pets EVER! He loved little children, other dogs, and just life in general. He had a bounce in his step, enormous joie de vivre and the kindest, biggest heart ever known!

Monty was shown and finished by Gerlinde Hockla. He was our first show dog and Gerlinde went out of her way to make us feel comfortable in the show environment – for which we are ever thankful. She treated Monty with kindness in the ring and accepted his little personality ‘quirks’ (i.e., stubbornness about the grooming table, his love for little children eating ice cream – usually just after she groomed him, etc) with good humor. Monty was the consummate showman. When in the ring, he was animated, charming and had a ‘look at me’ grin on his face. One judge commented, ‘He sure is one happy camper!’ Monty’s championship finished his father’s ROM.

Monty, above all else, is a gentle soul and could never be anything else no matter what the situation.  One day, while at a show waiting for Gerlinde, Cheryl and Monty were approached by a man who had clearly had too much to drink. The man was obnoxious! Monty – a gentle soul – was clearly troubled about what to do. He didn’t like the man, that much was certain!! However, to our knowledge, he had never growled or done anything remotely menacing in his entire life. His agitation about what to do was very clear. Finally, he hit upon the perfect compromise – one which would make the bad man go away but which wouldn’t force him to do anything aggressive. He looked up at the man, lifted his leg and urinated on the guy's shoe. The strategy worked and the man left in disgust – shaking his shoe as he left! J We never saw Monty do anything even remotely similar before or after that one incident.

Monty’s hobbies included chasing horses, lounging around the house and being ‘best friend’ to just about everyone. He HATED swimming…wouldn’t even go in the doggie wading pool that we have! He LOVED McDonald’s hamburgers but would always open the bun and take out the pickles before eating the rest. As a sire, he produced some very nice champion offspring including Champion Hairock’s Wunderbar ROM, who is our Maggie’s father, and Callard and Bowser's Abagail.

The photos below are show photos of Monty and Gerlinde Hockla who showed him to his championship so beautifully.





The photos below are of several Monty offspring - individually captioned below the photo.


This is a photo (below) of Abby-one of Monty's daughters.  We think she looks a great deal like her half-brother, Wunder (bottom photo)

The photo below is of Oliver, another Monty offspring, at his (then) home in Duxbury.  Oliver now lives with us and you can learn more about him by going directly to his we

b pabe.  

Directly below is Oliver at six months old with Monty.  Oliver was then 6 months old.  The two boys enjoyed a rousing game of  'roll over and sleep'.


Below is another Monty daughter, Dubh, at her vacation home in Poland Maine.  Dubh is now eleven years old (as is her brother Oliver) but still enjoys life with her family.  Dubh and Abby - although from different litters - look almost identical!


This handsome boy below is another Monty offspring, Ch. Halirock's Wunderbar.  When our Maggie (a Wunder daughter) finished her championship, she earned Wunder his ROM (title that indicates he sired a large number of champion offspring).  We think that he looks a great deal like Abby (above)

This is a photo of Halirock's WagWeeze, a Monty daughter.  Wheeze lives in Vermont where she is pulling a cart for the Memorial Day parade.  You can see another photo of her, directly below her carting photo, as a baby.  She is one of the two little puppies in the front


This (above) photo shows many of Monty's relatives.  Wag and Weeze  - the two little puppies - are both Monty daughters by Polly.  Monty's mother and father are Bjorn and Ondine (front and far left).  Questar (far right - next to the puppies) is Monty's half brother.



Casual, at home photos of Monty


Monty loved Christmas but did NOT love the fireplace or the wood stove!

Monty with Cheryl

Monty in front of a friend's pond;  Monty did NOT like swimming and believed water was only good for drinking.  As hot as he was that day, we couldn't induce him to go for a cooling swim.  Even though we all got in the pond and swam, he stubbornly remained on the shore.

The photo above is of Monty and the infant daughter of Captain and Mrs. Sean Caldwell; Captain Caldwell was one of Cheryl's EWI fellows and we often had her graduate students to the house for bbq's, etc.  Monty adored children and loved those times when the kids could come to the house.  One day, another student dropped by with her little girl for a preliminary discussion about her pending oral defense!  Monty was so very excited and his tail wagged so hard that he knocked the toddler over with his tail.